Don’t Stress! Grades Don’t Really Matter

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Have you ever heard this story before? Once upon a time at a University far, far away lived two EDL’s, Melissa and Antonia. These two girls were in the same Public Relations class. They were great students: turning in their … Continue reading

The Perks of being a Bilingual, Educated Latina

There are particular skills that are prized in the workforce: problem solving, decision making and emotional intelligence just to name a few. Well, for bilingual Educated Latinas, you are already ahead of the game!  How? Well, it turns out that the skills mentioned above as well as many other amazing benefit come with speaking two languages.

Being bilingual:

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Armed with your degree and your second language, you are a force to be reckoned with in the global workplace.

How has being bilingual helped you in your career? Share with us in the comments.