All Latinos Require a Green Card

As an Educated Latina, you will come across many baffling things such as the following:

  • In the midst of a conversation with a Financial Aid rep, you receive a compliment on your excellent speaking skills.
  • The Professor starts a discussion on immigration reform and all eyes turn to you.
  • Someone calls you a wetback but you are a 5th generation Mexican- American; and proud of it!
  • You are a Puerto Rican college basketball player who gets harassed for your Green Card.

Now, there will be two types of people shaking their head heads at this moment: 1) Those EDL’s who are in disbelief ¬†that these things take place and 2) Those EDL’s who have experience. I used these as examples, but they have actually happened to people I know. Usually, they are isolated incidents on campus, but the last one however, was televised for all to see!~

Here’s the low down: A few members of Southern Miss band, decide it would be fun to heckle the players from the opposing team. Yeah okay, it happens all the time, right? Weeeellll, here’s the problem. They set their sights on Puerto Rican Kansas State player, Angel Rodriguez, chanting “Where’s your green card!”

Are you irritated yet?

Here’s the video of the incident. Listen carefully.

How about now?

In his article, “Southern Miss Band chant, ‘Where Your Green Card?’ to Puerto Rican Kansas State Player,” sports blogger, Chris Chase sets it straight:


“…the basis for the band’s racism was itself misguided. Rodriguez was born in Puerto Rico, a commonwealth of the United States. Even if he hadn’t grown up in Miami and starred for a high school basketball team in that city, he’d still be an American citizen and have no need for a green card. Ignorant ignorance; it’s the best kind.”


Apparently, it only added fuel to the fire because Angel Rodriguez and the Kansas State  basketball team go on to defeat Southern Miss 74-60.

So what’s the moral of the story EDL’s? We will always be subjected to ignorance in some form or fashion. As Educated Latinas, we must overcome these moments, like Angel, and shut’ em up with our success.


How have you overcome ignorance? Share with us below!