7 Tips to Look & Feel Fabulous in 2012

Image via Hubpages

New Year’s resolutions are in effect as we are still in the first week of January. Resolutions of better bodies, improving your fashion and beauty regimens are starting out perfect. Now, here are some tips to help you feel and look good enough to keep those resolutions all year round

1. Update your wardrobe- Instead of indulging in shopping sprees, why not take a second look at the clothes that are still in your closet from last year. Give those clothes a new life, yes, even the ones with the tags still on, and add some new features. You can staple or sew studs on them and improve your wardrobe with D.I.Y activities. Check out this site for cool ideas: http://diyfashion.tumblr.com/. You can also shop online for essentials such as basic tees, blazers or small things that can switch your normal wardrobe into a coveted wardrobe.

2. Sleep- Sleep! We all need at least 7 to 8 hours per night. Going to school, work  and cramming for papers or exams, sleep can be hard to fit in. Procrastination is half of Americans/Latino Americans weakness. To get more sleep we need to leave procrastination in the dust! Instead of leaving that English paper for the last minute start it a week early. Get a little done each night until the due date and you will not only alleviate your stress but also sleep like a baby.

3. Drink Water- Water is essential for glowing skin and other important bodily functions. It can be hard to remember to drink water everyday but we should all try to get in those necessary 8 glasses of water we need to drink. Need a reminder? Check out apps such as Drink Water on the Android network. You will get a text or chime telling you to chug a glass of H20. It’s perfect and convenient in this cyborg world we live in now.

4. Detox- When you detox, it’s to rid your body of the built up toxins. This will make you feel lighter and will do wonders for your skin and hair. Some ways people detox are by becoming vegetarian or trying a juice detox. A juice detoxifying drink is a 3 day cleanse that consists of drinking juices made from natural fruits and vegetables. Try SuziSqueeez, a great juice detox brand which comes in many flavors from Get Going to Recovery. Detoxing improves your overall health and will improve the new you in 2012.

5. Clean out your beauty bag- Cosmetic bags and cases can get crazy and smudgy looking. As lipsticks collapse with eyeliners, your make-up and the make-up bag can get really messy and dirty. A great way of updating your bag is using wipes (baby wipes or make-up remover wipes) to clean out your bag and make-up weekly. You can also use  zip-lock bag and put all your specific make-up together, for example; eyeliners all together, or eyeshadows altogether. This will shorten your make-up routine and keep your cosmetic bag happy and organized!

6. Go for that morning or afternoon jog- We all dread it but jogging is great for the inside of our bodies and has great results for the outside. Getting and sticking to a routine or schedule is difficult to do with school and work but it’s completely possible with determination. Wake up an hour before school or work; and when it gets difficult just think “HEALTHY body and soul,” and you will accomplish the exercise for the day. We believe in you and you should believe in yourself that it’s possible.

7. Smile- Smiling in the New Year allows positivity into your life. It’s rare that people smile anymore to one another because of the busy lives we all lead. But we must all remember a smile can bring inner peace and joy to another person who really needed it. So go ahead and SMILE!

Although they all sound like resolutions, they aren’t! These are 7 easy ways to jump start your life to a healthy and new you. It’s hard to change as old habits die hard, but motivating yourself to leave your old habits behind is all you need to take a step forward into looking and feeling great this 2012.