Community College vs. 4-year University-Which is better?


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Dear Dr. Syl, Is it true that it’s better to go straight to a four-year school versus the community college route? Why or why not? -From Exploring Student.   Dear Exploring Student, Let me begin by stating that one size … Continue reading

5 Things You Can Do When You Are Feeling Burned Out


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Many people like to think that that being a college student is easy. All you have to do is study and write papers. But boy are they wrong! There is family to take care of,  a jobs, internships, clubs, school, … Continue reading

4 tools you can’t live without this semester! 


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We all know that at the end of the day that grades don’t reeeeallly matter (If you don’t, it’s something you will learn soon, trust me). As a student juggling school, work, family and a million other commitments, your motto … Continue reading