Staff Writers will contribute content to Educated Latina website on a regular basis. Available positions include feature writers and bloggers. If you are interested in an ongoing writing position with Educated Latina, please find out more about how to apply for this position.

If you would like to contribute a single piece to be published on the Educated Latina website, please fill out our article submission form. We are currently looking for personal stories, lessons, opinions, and social commentary that reflects issues facing Latinas in pursuit of higher education.

What type content are are you looking for?

We are looking for content that enlightens, informs, and empowers our readers towards a successful college career and beyond. Check out our topic cloud for ideas.

We are looking for features, blogs, & pieces that include the following topics but are not limited to:

politics, presidential election, student activism, internships, study abroad, volunteer, greek life, student leadership, identity, women’s issues, life readiness, family, balance, career, finances, intersectionality, managing stress, friendship, tradition, heritage, ethnicity, class, books, personal transformation, first generation, commuter student experience, transfer student, applying for master’s doctorate programs, navigating higher education, self-discovery, social justice, study tips, scholarships, fellowship opportunities, just to name a few.

Can anyone apply or submit a piece?

We are looking for High School Juniors & Seniors, College students, post-grad, and professionals who are passionate about writing, want to add to their writing clips and empowering the Educated Latina Society community.

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