EDL Editorial Guidelines

We here at Educated Latina believe that content has the power to enlighten, inform, and entertain. Please note we only accept original content that has not been published before.

Here is our commitment to Editorial Excellence:

  1. Will always focus on providing a supportive and informative online space for EDLs.
  2. Will always respect and listen to our EDL’s voices.
  3. Will always research, fact check, and cite resources.
  4. Will not falsify or plagiarize any information or source.
  5. Will always portray a positive image of the Latino community through our various mediums. Unless a negative image is necessary to prove a point or provoke thought for positive change.
  6. Will always seek new ways to push the boundaries of thought and action toward a positive direction (a little controversy doesn’t hurt).
  7. Will always support EDLs and the positive changes they bring to the community by seeking them out to highlight their achievements.
  8. Will always promote the beauty of our diversity through our various mediums.
  9. Will always have a Zero Tolerance policy on discrimination, prejudice, and hate speech.
  10. We will not give into stereotypes of any kind in our programming, promotions, advertisements, articles, etc. Unless it is necessary to prove a point or provoke thought for positive change (Use sparingly).