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Educated Latina

College Life

3 Simple Study Tips to Pass Your Classes

If you’ve been reading this for a while, you know..

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Why I Joined A Sorority

In my last post, I asked you to consider going..

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Community College Does NOT Mean You Failed

College? What’s that? My first exposure to college was when..

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Can College Friendships Survive After Graduation?

What if college is the first time you made real,..

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Leave Room for Flexibility and Change

When we are young, adults always ask we what we..

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Educated & Exhausted: Relationships

College is a time of growth; circles of friends grow,..

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Ask Dr. Syl: How Will I Find My Dream Career?

Dear Dr. Syl,    What is it that makes you..

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Do You Feel Like an Impostor?

Have you ever felt like you didn’t belong? Or that..

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You’re Not Messing With My Clique

Can Women Be Friends? “You can’t sit with us” “Ese..

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