Well, look no further. You’ve come to the right place!

What Is Educated Latina?

Educated Latina is a digital platform striving to reflect a Latina’s experience as a multicultural, modern, college student.

How Can You Help Me?

We aim to help Educated Latinas like you achieve a balanced and successful college career by creating and curating content that enlightens, empowers, and entertains. We explore and celebrate the essence if what it means to be an Educated Latina.

Why the Name Educated Latina?

Let’s start by saying we are perfectly aware of the fact that “Educated”  is in the past tense and we have a reason for that. We were inspired by Stephen Covey, author of the “7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” His 2nd habit is- Begin with the end in mind.

It encourages us to…

Envision what you want in the future so you can work and plan towards it.”

Therefore being an “Educated Latina” (EDL, for short) means you are a walking success. You’ve already got that degree!

Look to EducatedLatina.com as your stepping stones to achieving that success.

What Do the Symbols in the Logo Mean?

Our logo represents the essence of an Educated Latina.

The Crown

You are the Queen of your universe. You are mistress of your kingdom, worthy to be great! It’s your destiny and future.

The Compass
Seek guidance through the stormy seas of life. Trust that it will help find a way to make it to your destination.
The Diamond
You are precious and valuable. It’s the pressures of life make you shine!
The World in Your Hands
Is your ambition to make your mark in this world? You have what it takes to make a difference.
The Diploma
The prize. The key to career and economic advancement. Whether it’s your High School, Associates, Bachelors, Masters or PH.d. You have worked long and hard. Be proud!
The Shield
This represents Latinas, seeking to uplift ourselves and our community through higher education. We would not have gotten this far without the strength of the women before us as well as our own perseverance to reach our goals.