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Ask Dr. Syl: Is Too Much School Bad For You?

Dr. Syl

Dear Dr. Syl, 


Is too much schooling bad?


– Too Much School.


Dear Too Much School,

The short answer to this questions is yes and no.  No, because you can never have too much education. It is important to feed the most important muscle in our bodies, the brain, no matter what age or stage in your life you are in.  It is true that knowledge is power so attending school can be a powerful tool.  


However, too much school can cause student burnout which can lead to stress, anxiety, fatigue or even depression.  There are several ways students can try to avoid burnout including avoiding procrastination, having designated relaxation time throughout the semester, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and avoiding interpersonal conflicts that can lead to unnecessary additional stress.    

Too much school can also be bad if it is not balanced with experience.  I am currently in the situation where it is hard to transition to another position because I have a doctorate degree but my experiences are not up to par with certain job requirements.  


I would suggest that you focus on not only attaining your ultimate educational goals but also gaining as much experience as you can in the process. Internships, externships, volunteer work and paid work experiences are very important for employers and are not always easy to do as a full-time student.  However, some of these experiences can be used toward college credit so take advantage of those opportunities.  Also, remember that after graduation your goal will be to market yourself to potential employers so make sure that they see your resume as a balanced summary of yourself.  Degrees, work experiences, and volunteer experiences will be the essential form of marketing yourself.  


As always, good luck with whatever path you choose!


Dr. Syl.


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