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Asking for Help = Success?

Educated Latina

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Do not be too proud to ask for help. Whether with time management, study skills, advice or guidance, seek for what you need to be successful. Also, with professor office hours, classmates, tutoring services, academic advising, and counseling services, learn to utilize your resources. Reality is that you are paying for most of these services at your institution through your student fees.

Every institution has student affairs professionals. Your academic adviser, the director of a leadership and service office, Greek advisors, program coordinators and hall director are student affairs practitioners/professionals. Student Affairs is the delivery of services to college students to assist with development, and the practice of developing students’ learning.

As an educator and student affairs professional, my main goal is to help students succeed. I achieve this goal by helping them engage in critical thinking and learning, both inside and outside of the classroom. Thus far, in my short career involving student affairs, I have noticed that every university is different. Each institution has a mix of different cultures, missions, traditions, policies, procedures, regulations, research topics, leadership opportunities, and educational curriculum.

Additionally, every student is different. They each come from different backgrounds and cultures. Students will possess various traditions, talents, skills, concerns, and challenges. It is important for you to know that you are not necessarily alone, because inevitably there will be other students that have similar interests and concerns. Faculty and staff are invested in helping you succeed. Students are the energy and the power of the campus’ life and culture and without this diversity, there would be no need for educational institutions.

It is my belief that every educational institution should and must, challenge all of their students academically and prepare them for success. This success is inclusive of any future coursework of degree programs students may pursue, as well as in their future careers and real life experience beyond the confines of school. However, it is important to understand that everyone is unique and has different challenges and needs.

I encourage you to utilize the services provided to you at your institution. Your university is different to my university. But I do know that your university has various resources, for you to grow and develop as a leader and scholar. Explore your campus, learn about the services and programming that is provided, get to know the staff, and meet other students.

Make sure you stop by new offices that you are not familiar with. All offices should provide a safe space for students to go on campus; a space where you feel welcome and safe. I have listed 13 different offices that can be found at your institution. The services provided can be beneficial for your success during your undergraduate or graduate college career. Remember do not be too proud to ask for help, and get to know the students affairs professionals.

1)     Academic Success Center (Writing and Tutoring Center)

2)     Disability Resources

3)     Greek Affairs Office

4)     International Student and Scholars Office

5)     Judicial Affairs

6)     Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Student Services (LGBT)

7)     Multicultural Student Affairs

8)     National Student Exchange

9)     Recreation Services

10)  Study Abroad

11)  Student Health Center

12)  Student Support Services (TRIO)

13)  Women’s Center



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