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4 Style Rules Every Educated Latina Must Follow, pt. 1

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“Dress for the Job you want, not the one you have.”


Do you remember when you were a youngster and your parents would tell you, “you become who and what you surround yourself with” and would roll your eyes and walk away? The truth is you are a direct result of the thoughts that you think, the people that you spend time with, and what you wear.

One year from now, you will be exactly the same person that you are today EXCEPT for the style that you wear, the people who you spend time with, and the thoughts that you think.

Therefore, if you want to change your life, then you must change your thoughts, change the people that you hang out with, and change the way you dress.

FACT: “55% Of another’s perception of you is based on how you look.”


“Style” is the term of the distinctive manner of self-expression. It’s what defines us when we are in front of the camera, the stage, and our audience. As we enter the world of business and our BIG GIRL BOSS ROLES we begin to feel perplexed when it comes to fashion identity in the business world. Let’s be honest: what you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today.

When it comes to style and confidence, you have to learn to move with it, which can be daunting. We all have our insecurities- I still remember the times I struggled and let myself be managed by media. And I think every woman has this hesitation at one time or another. Because of this, I created Conquer In Heels (Styles by V) where I fulfill my mission to help women create an image that tells her personal story, her “ Signature Style.” 

I teamed up with Educated Latina to bring my mission to you, the college Latina, starting out in your professional career. In this 4 part series, I am going to get you ready to walk into the office to rock your outfit, feel confident at your next interview, land your next job, and always be ready to conquer your day.

Here are the 4 fundamental career style tips:

  1. Grooming
  2. Fit & Accessories
  3. Company Culture
  4. Your Style Brand

Let’s start with the 1st tip.


We’ve all had those mornings when we finally snooze out of it and all of the sudden our entire morning feels rushed. Let me guess, you do a quick makeup routine, pull your hair up into “cute messy bun,” and as you’re getting your simple yet effortless outfit has a couple of wrinkles on that perfect top that completes the look. As you look at the time, you decide there is no way you are ironing that top and finding another outfit will take too long. You do your best to smooth out the wrinkles or cover it and hope no one will notice. Welp, there goes a day looking like a hot mess. Does this sound familiar?

Say goodbye to those rough mornings, with my tips for proper grooming:

Let’s talk Hair

The messy bun is cute for the weekend, date night, or even class, but for an interview, the office or big meeting, it’s best to show some effort. 

  • Have your hair out of your face with a slick ponytail, bun, half-up/half down style, braids (are always fun if you are up for youtube tutorial).  
  • Keep your hands out of your hair.

    “The problem, is hair touches — hair flips, hair tricks — send off different cues that I don’t think most women are aware of,” says Vanessa Van Edwards, a behavioral investigator, published author, and public speaker. “Any time someone touches their head, their hair, or their neck, it’s actually a very high discomfort cue so it shows as anxiety.” And you might not be anxious at all! You just wanted to give your hair a little oomph, or it could be an unconscious habit you do without even thinking.

    Vanessa explains: “So even if they’re not anxious, it still comes across as low self-esteem, which is
    detrimental. Internships, college interviews — you want to show that you want to
    be there, not that they’re anxious or you don’t feel good about being there.” Truth!

    You’ll Never Play With Your Hair Again After Reading This via


  • Don’t wear wet, crunchy, ramen noodle looking hair to work or job interview. It is NEVER appropriate. 
  • Don’t rock the bedhead look. Make sure to comb your hair and/or smooth out any frizzies. 

Smell and Scent

We love our perfume, body sprays, and dry shampoo but girl if it’s smelling, it’s repelling the guys and probably your next job too.

  • Always shower before an interview not only do you feel refreshed and alert but it will help you feel good to start your morning.
  • If you use dry shampoo, go easy on the use and keep track what days you’re not washing your hair.
  • Don’t overdo it with the perfume. Be considerate of others around you. People never like an overpowering scent because it causes headaches, allergies and in some cases, people have sensitive noses.


  • Unacceptable. Stains of any kind including coffee, lipstick, deodorant, oil stains, sweat and even perfume stains.

To Iron or Not to Iron. That is the question?

No, not a question. If the wrinkles show it MUST be ironed.

  • Invest in a hand steamer it will save time and will care for your clothing.
  • Iron the night before. It will save you 5-10 minutes in the morning. 
  • Read at care label on your clothing. Some will have to be taken to the dry cleaners. Tip: some cleaners will dry clean your interview outfit for free if you mention it’s for a job interview, if anything they will provide a discount.


Have you ever seen someone with an amazing outfit, but dirty, scuffed shoes? It just throws off the whole outfit, doesn’t it? To have a completely successful look, that state of your shoes are very important.

  • Always and only wear closed toe heels to interviews/office. 
  • Keep all heels polished. Scuff heels when in doubt toss it out/donate.
  • Heel piece should always be in place.
  • Never exceed 6” at work

That’s the end, for now…

I hope you ladies put these grooming tips into practice. Be on the lookout next week, for tip #2 on Fit & Accessories. , please eel free to introduce yourself at, share your experience and stay connected

To your success,

Veronica Gonzalez

Let’s keep the conversation going! What your personal grooming tips? Let us know in the comments below. 

About Veronica

Style Coach and Image Consultant, Veronica is an industry expert. Conquer in Heels (styled by V) is all about helping women create an image that tells her personal story, her “ Signature Style.” She believes that looking your best enhances your confidence and ultimately leads to conquering all your personal goals.

Veronica brings extensive industry experience to the homes of women living in Southern California and all over the World by providing image and styling techniques as skills to achieve increased confidence and empowerment.

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I loved your blog and totally agree. Keep it up girl.

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