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4 Reasons to Join A Club In College

Ariana Allen

My favorite thing to say is, “college isn’t all about grades, papers, and classes. It’s an experience!” Part of that experience is joining a student club. I don’t know about your campus, but on mine, there was a club for everything you can think of from academics,  hobbies, culture, and sports.

I should know, when I was an undergrad at LMU, I was super involved on campus. Let’s see, I joined Sigma Lambda Gamma Sorority Inc, and held many positions in sorority including, Greek Council Representative, Cultural Awareness Chair, and eventually became Vice President.  I also worked on campus, at the Jamba Juice, and Library my 1st semester Freshman year. I then turned those jobs in for a Special Projects Coordinator position at the Chicano Latino Student Services office organizing campus events. When I became a Women’s Studies major, my 2 friends and I started the FeLions, a feminist club. I also ran for a Senator position in our Student Body Government and won!

Being involved deeply enriched my college experience and has had lasting effects in my life up to this day. It’s an experience I can’t recommend enough! If you haven’t joined a student club yet or are on the fence, these are 4 good reasons why getting involved on campus is worth the time and energy.


1) Time Management

Being involved on campus, having a social and family, and of course your academics, everything needs its place in your schedule. It’s weird but when you have more on your plate, the more organized you have to be about your time. It’s a skill you will master by the time you graduate.

2) Community

Have you heard the saying,” It’s not what you know, but who you know?” That is the is Gospel truth in the Real World. Internships, Jobs, Promotions, are determined by who you know. Being in an Org puts you in the position to meet new people and form relationships.  

Not only is joining a club essential for building your professional network but there just is no easier to make friends, then a group of people with similar interests and a common mission. It’s a great way to build your tribe, your community of support that understands the everyday struggle of being a college student.

3) Resume Builder

If you are looking to get into a particular industry, joining an Org that complements the work, shows initiative. It’s also great practice for cultivating skills like; planning, organization, collaboration, leadership, effective communication just to name a few. These skills will serve you well in the Real World.

4) It’s Fun!

Being part of a club can be hard work and challenging at times, but overall, it’s really fun. Hanging out with friends, enjoying activities or putting on events together. Having adventures and making memories.

How to Figure Out if an Org is Right for You?

Now that you know some of the benefits of joining a student org. here are some questions you can ask yourself to see which club will be a good fit for you.

Do I care about their mission?

In other words, do you see yourself committed to the cause or principles of the organization? If so the ups and downs of being part of a group will be easier to ride out if the cause touches your heart.

Do I vibe with this group?

I definitely recommend going to all recruitment events for your dream Org. Get to know the group of people you could possibly be working with.

What can I give/take from this group?  

I am a firm believer that you get out of any experience, what you put into it. What can you give to this Org to make it better than you found it? How can you push yourself out of your comfort zone? Can this group or Org help you grow? Can it connect you with a mentor?

Do I have the time?

Joining an org is definitely worth the time, but make sure you have some to give. I have been guilty of over committing myself to groups and then burning myself out. Be realistic about the time limitations on your schedule. If it is a priority to you, you will make time for it.

At the end of the day…

Being part of a group of like-minded people with similar interests is a great feeling; You feel a sense of belonging, purpose, and community that has long lasting affects.

Is there anything else that should be considered? Let us know!




Author: Ariana Allen


Ariana Allen, Founder of Educated Latina, graduated with her B.A. in Women’s Studies from Loyola Marymount University Los Angeles in 2008.

A New York native and proud Dominiriqueña (Dominican/Puerto Rican), she currently lives in Inglewood with her awesome husband, Michael. When she isn’t working on EDL, Ariana is either watching her favorite TV shows or reading mysteries. She is passionate about traveling, cruising in particular, and is a self- proclaimed Francophile. You can follow her on Instagram at @arianachristina7.


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