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Freshman Letter Series: Dear Jennifer

Jennifer Mejia

Dear Jenny,

Photo Credit: Jennifer Mejia

As the 25 year old version of yourself, I would like to tell you some things as you embark on your first year of college. What I am about to tell you are things that would really help you navigate through the rest of your college years. Perhaps, even, save you some time, money, headaches, and a whole lot of tears. So here goes…

  1. Allow God to guide you in every aspect of your life. Know that all of the sadness, hurt, and pain that has accumulated over the years and contributed to your depression go away once you allow God into your life completely. He is the one that knows the plan for your life. Listen to Him and you will be happier for it.
  2. Math is a subject you are good at not a subject you like. Don’t waste your time, energy, and sanity trying to pursue a degree in math because it will make you miserable. You will try to stick with it to prove a point and to finish college, but instead it will make prolong your college years only to graduate with something completely unrelated. Pursue a major in communications. You enjoy creating flyers, writing, and public relations type things.
  3. Academics first. The reason you went to college to begin with is to obtain a higher degree. Don’t lose sight of that and work hard at excelling academically. You will reap the benefits later when you want to apply to your ideal graduate school for public administration in nonprofit management/international policy. It will increase your chances in getting a fellowship/scholarship.
  4. Know the right time to do things and don’t bite off more than you can chew. You will join a sorority, but wait until at least your second semester, if possible until your sophomore year. Your freshman year is the most crucial year academically. You need to establish a strong GPA before adding extracurricular activities on your plate.
  5. Save as much money as you can by budgeting and not spending money on things you don’t need. Be conservative in the amount of loans you take out, you will thank yourself later when you have to pay them back!
  6. Eat right and exercise. It is so easy to gain weight in college. Try and be as healthy as you possibly can, it will pay off in the long run.
  7. Make time for yourself and your family. Don’t overwhelm yourself with school, work, and activities. Everyone needs time for themselves. Your family helps you stay grounded and support you. Don’t push them to the side.
  8. Take advantage of study abroad opportunities. You love to travel and dream of working internationally through public service. Studying abroad will open up doors.
  9. Be fair and just. You will have to make tough decisions. Make them with integrity and do what your heart tells you.
  10. Be true to yourself. Don’t be who your friends tell you to be or who society says you should be. Be you in every aspect of your life. Don’t give in to peer pressure or anything that is against your nature.

I know that it is easier said than done, but if you keep these things in mind as you navigate through college it will be worth it. Don’t beat yourself up for the mistakes you will make, they are opportunities to learn. Never regret anything because everything happens for a reason. Everything you will go through will help you grow as a person. Learn the lessons the first time so that you will not go through the same thing more than once. It is exhausting when you do. Remember than you can do all things through God, who strengthens you. Now go and conquer the world!


25-year old Jennifer


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