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3 Tips for a Healthy and Fit Figure

Educated Latina

We’ve all heard this before; ‘In the case of loss of cabin pressure, please place your own oxygen mask over your mouth before helping your neighbor.’ How can you be of service to anyone if you are not performing at your peak? Having good or bad health can have a serious impact on your job, studies, focus, concentration and energy levels.  We all know the benefits of good health, we also need to be mindful of taking care of ourselves in our younger years to avoid diabetes, cancer and other health problems in our older years.

I personally know many skinny guys and gals who eat whatever they want and have never set foot inside the gym. Don’t you? You see them eating their third helping of arroz con pollo without a care and don’t even workout.  But can they walk up a flight of stairs without gasping for air? Simply put, they are not healthy. What about your friend that is always on a diet? One day it’s the Atkins diet,  next month it’s the Grapefruit diet, 5 months later she is on the No Carb diet which is all the rage. They call diets a yo-yo lifestyle for a reason, plus they suck big time. I know because I have tried all of these diets and I was in constant misery!

The weight loss industry makes over a billion dollars selling half truths because they know some basic truths about human nature and our society. They know we crave instant gratification; “I want to go from a size 18 to a size 6 in one month!” They know that we don’t want to work very hard;” Try this diet and never step foot into a gym again!”  They know we are busy and can not be bothered with the inconveniences of meal planning or working out, ” Take this pill, eat whatever you want and no gym required!” If you really think about it diets, magic fat-away pills and drinks are usually complicated, costly, and miserable. Do you want to know a secret? Every single one of us already knows how to lose weight and be healthy, yet we are always looking for a quick fix and the easy way out.

As a girl who struggled with her weight since childhood, I always admired and envied that girl who I saw in her gym clothes headed to the gym, while I was headed to the cafeteria for a late night scoop of ice cream. I saw that same girl pass me in the hamburger line to make herself a salad from the salad bar. She knows that health is about making the right choices on a daily basis.  I know and understand what that girl knows; The 3 key basics to weight loss. They promise long lasting health, weight loss, and life-changing success.

Without further ado, the 3 keys to weight loss are Self-Respect +Discipline+Consistency. Huh? This can’t be! That’s all?! Yep, that’s it. The thing about this formula is that it takes hard work and time to apply, all of which we know most of us aren’t willing to do. I’m all about positive thinking so let’s see what it each means and what it would take to apply this formula.

Self- Respect

Definition- Proper Esteem or regard for the dignity of one’s character ( 

I would like to add body, mind, and soul as well. Your body has the amazing capacity to perform many tasks. Having love and respect for it is feeding it nutritious food and drink to keep it running at it’s best.

Give yourself the best of the best foods, check out the Snob Diet. If you live in a dorm or are too busy to cook, stock up these healthy frozen food entrees. If you consistently feed it junk, which you know isn’t good for you, your body will break down on you. With our busy schedules, who can afford that?


Definition- Training that corrects, molds, or perfect; control gained by obedience or training; orderly conduct; to train or develop by instruction and exercise especially in self-control (Merriam-Webster Dictionary). 

One definition I’ve adopted is, ” It’s doing what you have to do when you don’t want to do it.” I would rather eat a hamburger and drink soda than a piece of fruit or some water, but I know that eating that fruit will serve my body well, and the hamburger, while yummy and delicious at the moment, will fill me regret later. Carving out time to go to the gym or do that workout video takes discipline as well. Focus your mind on doing what is good for you until it becomes a habit.


Definition- Reliability or uniformity of successive results or events ( 

In other words, doing something all the time which leads to the action becoming a habit. So, if you consistently go to the gym for 30 minutes 4 times a week, you will see results. Practicing consistency will assist Self Respect and Discipline in accomplishing not only your weight loss goals but your life’s goals as well.

Remember the girl I envied? She embodied this formula and remained successful in maintaining a fabulous body. When these 3 keys are working together, change will come. Long lasting health is slow and steady and we all know who the winner was in the Tortoise and the Hare.


How will you incorporate these keys in your journey to your ideal figure?




Healthy Latina / January 31, 2012 @ 10:33 am

Great post! So many people confuse a slim figure with overall health and that is not the case. Self respect is an essential aspect to point out when focusing on weight issues. Women should love and respect their bodies and not strive for approval from someone else, but for their own self and happiness. Thanks for sharing!

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