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5 Christmas Gift Ideas When Your Are on a Budget

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Christmas is the way! As a student on a budget, show your family and friends, this year, that it’s the thought that counts. With a little time, a few bucks, and imagination, your loved ones will feel special with their own customized gift.

1. Write a personal letter– Get some nice stationery paper at a store like  Staples or Target. Spend time thinking how much they mean to you, inspire you, or the impact they have on your life. Once you write it down, frame it and wrap it.There is no greater gift than letting someone know how much you love them.

2) Make a photo collage– If you are not a wordsy girl, use your creative eye to make a picture collage of your best memories with that person. This is a great gift for siblings, cousins, and friends;  Especially if you live far away from home.

3) Book of Coupons– As a busy college student, it can be hard to find to time to get together with friends and family. Make up for it by gifting them your time or talent, for example, your friends might like ” A Cup of Coffee and Chisme” or for your Beaux, ” A Movie Night” theme of his favorite movies. Get creative! Your friends and family will have fun redeeming their coupons.

4) Travel Kit– With airline prices going up, your loved one may not be able to travel to all the cities and countries they’d like. Pick a place they dream of visiting and create their own personal travel guide. Fill it with information about clubs, bars, landmarks, restaurants and local culture that they would love to visit. If the city is abroad, include some basic language phrases they will need to know. They will appreciate the personal touch.

5) Sweet Treats– Who doesn’t love sweets? Is your sister a chocolate fiend? Does your boyfriend love peanut butter? Bake a dish to satisfy their sweet tooth. When baked with love, the gift will be all the sweeter.


Have you given or received DIY Christmas gifts before? Share them below.


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