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School of the Hard Knocks

Ariana Allen

"It's a Hard Knock Life" Annie

“Experience is the toughest teacher because she gives the test first, and then the lesson.” Unknown

Toward the end of 2012, I found myself in the School of Hard Knocks. I’m not sure what was in the air, but all at once, I was on a 9 period schedule. The lessons were brutal but duly noted.

These were  some of the lessons that I knew, but that finally sunk into my brain:

– Do the opposite of what you feel. Usually, it’s what you should be doing anyway.

– Your mind is the epicenter of your entire life. Combat negative, self-defeating thoughts with scriptures or affirmations.

– Praise God in the hallway.

– Over stimulation shuts out your inner voice.

– Knowing too much information does no one any good if it has no where to be expressed.

– Apply what you know before you seek out more information.

– Plan for a rainy day.

– Be proactive in life. You can’t control everything but you should be ahead of what you can control.

– Watch what you say. It will come back to bite you. Last year was the year of eating my words. Not a fun class, but lesson learned.

– Put God first in all things; especially finances-tithe!

– Embrace your true self.

– Concentrate on your strengths.

– Be a gatekeeper of your most precious resource: time.

– Plan you day and make it happen.

I like to think that when things get tough that God is getting me ready for the next level.  I am grateful for lessons.


Do you have any lessons learned that you would like to add? 


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