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The 50 Most Powerful Latinas

Educated Latina

Representation matters. Seeing someone that looks like you, in a position you couldn’t dream of, makes it possible for you to hope that you too can walk that path someday.

Therefore we must honor the trailblazers because they forged the path for us, with no compass and no guide, only the fire of passion to make a way.

Fortune Magazine, working with Association of Latino Professionals For America released a list of 50 of the most powerful Latinas today. We couldn’t help but share it, especially for Women’s History Month,  in hopes that these Educated Latinas empower you in your journey.

The 50 Most Powerful Latinas are executives running Fortune 500 companies, large private firms, and a few impressive entrepreneurs leading global companies. The four-criteria used were: the size and importance of the woman’s business in the global economy, the health and direction of the business, the arc of the woman’s career—résumé and runway ahead—and their social and cultural influence.

The list, compiled by ALPFA, prioritizes women leading large public companies with significant operating roles, rather than C-level staff roles. Next, it prioritizes women operating large private firms and entrepreneurs who have successfully scaled their businesses into the middle market. Finally, it includes a small number of Latinas, who although retired, exercise leadership roles on Fortune 500 boards.

The accomplishments of these influential Latinas stand on their own, and are even more significant given the traditional roadblocks that exist for women, especially Latinas. These women serve as role models and an inspiration to the next generation of women.

Check out the List here.

Anyone missing from this list? Who are your heroine’s? 


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